Huawei Mate X design changed weeks before possible launch

Huawei makes three big changes to the phone ahead of its launch, continuing to go all out in the race against Samsung\'s Galaxy Fold.

Huawei CEO Richard Yu was recently seen at an Airport with his own Huawei Mate X. The pictures of the device however, suggest that there are some design changes in the device ahead of its awaited launch in September.

The rear of the phone now has an additional sensor which appears to be a ToF (Time-of-Flight) sensor that can enhance 3D imaging, measure distances accurately and more.

The button to release the second screen of the Mate X has also been bumped up in size. This makes it easier to for the user to fold the device out and also to snap it back into place.

The hinge joints of the foldable screen device also appear to be reinforced with a material that looks a lot like carbon fibre.

Huawei’s offcials had recently revealed that they were in no hurry to launch the device and the aim was to launch a flawless folding phone that met Huawei’s standards, rather than hurrying to push out a device with bugs and issues.

Huawei’s changes could have also taken inspiration from the durability issues that another folding phone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, faced after being released to beta testers. The Fold users reported several issues ahead of the launch of the device in April, forcing the Korean brand to refine their device and push the release date to September.

Amidst the cold race to launch the world’s first foldable smartphone, Huawei and Samsung may soon see a third new competitor in the form of the Motorola Razr 2019. However, all details about this device are still rumours and nothing is official as of now.

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