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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices encounter weird crashes

Published Aug 30, 2016, 4:57 pm IST
Updated Aug 30, 2016, 4:58 pm IST
Samsung’s latest device Galaxy Note 7 was launched globally on August 22. (Photo: Samsung/Twitter)
 Samsung’s latest device Galaxy Note 7 was launched globally on August 22. (Photo: Samsung/Twitter)

Samsung’s latest device Galaxy Note 7 has been facing criticism from users on various forums, for a ‘weird glitch’ that causes the phablet to either brick or crash.

According to reports, some users have taken the topic to forums of XDA and Android Central, stating that the phone crashed randomly after using it for a short amount of time. One user on Android Central said that the phones has been restarting without any reason, and freezing temporarily on the lock screen as well.

Like this individual, several others have complained about a similar issue where their phones are either bricking or crashing completely.

Technology website PhoneArena also confirmed that new quandary related to the device. It said: The issue pops up after a few days of regular usage and there seems to be no rhyme or reason behind the patterns of crashes. It will usually start with a bootloop. Then, as the user attempts to force the phone into safe mode or recovery, it only gets worse.”

The report also said that the issue is only related to the company’s native Exynos chip-based Note 7s. The issue is still blurred and there is no clarification from the company’s part if this problem is due to hardware on any faulty update.

However, one user seems to have found a solution to the problem and has stated it on Android Central’s forum. He said: After the first security update (1 Aug) I fully reset the phone. I haven't had a crash since. So either the software update caused issues or applications from the play store weren't playing nice.”  

The breakthrough device was launched globally on August 2 and features high-end performance specifications, along with a high-end security feature Iris scanner.

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