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Apple to stop using OLED after Micro-LED display rollout

Published Aug 30, 2016, 3:45 pm IST
Updated Aug 30, 2016, 3:45 pm IST
Apple has opened a secret laboratory in Taiwan last year to develop enhanced displays. (Representational image)
 Apple has opened a secret laboratory in Taiwan last year to develop enhanced displays. (Representational image)

A new report has revealed that Apple would be exploring ways to move on to newer display technologies and OLED won’t be the future display technology used by the iPhone makers.

According to Digitimes, Innolux vice president and mobile product general manager Yang Hung-wen pointed out that a new display technology, dubbed Micro-LED, could eventually replace LCD and OLED to become the future display technology.

Micro-LED displays are touted to be thinner and lighter, allowing improved colour range, increased brightness, and higher resolutions. Unlike traditional LCD panels, the new display tech does not require backlighting but production cost for these displays are much higher.

Earlier it was predicted that Apple would be replacing its current display technology with OLED for all iPhones manufactured in 2017. However, Hung-wen said that LED will be utilised by Apple for a short term, as it is concentrating on developing Micro-LED display tech on its own.

MacRumours indicated that apple has opened a secret laboratory in Taiwan last year to develop enhanced displays, which will be thinner, brighter and energy-friendly. The report said the new iOS devices will be featuring advanced versions of LCDs currently used in iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other devices.

The Cupertino-based company’s acquisition of Micro-LED company LuxVue Technology in 2014 also sharpen claims that it would be looking to utilise the new display technology for its future line of devices.

LuxVue Technology had earlier raised $25.2 million in funding to develop the new display technology, and has filed numerous patents pertaining to the concept.

Apple currently uses TFT-LCD displays for iPhones with the Apple Watch as the only exception, which uses a OLED display.

Word from the rumour mills suggest that newer Apple Watch versions will be equipped with Micro-Led displays by the second half of 2017. Rolling out the Watch ahead of bigger displays would help the company test out the potentiality of the new display technology.

As for now, the technology giants have organised an event on September 7, where it is likely to launch the new 2016 iPhone along with an updated Watch.

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