Galaxy Note 10 design change shows it’s way ahead of 2019 Apple iPhone 11

Exclusive leak previews the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s design decisions ahead of August 7 unveiling.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is coming and if you’re not excited for it yet, then the latest leak shows that it will have class-leading design features that will absolutely destroy Apple’s upcoming greatest flagship — the iPhone 11.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 bezels

Samsung insider @IceUniverse has shared that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ will boast the highest screen-to-body ratio of any smartphone thanks to its extremely slim bezels and the redesigned selfie-camera. These bezels although not uniform makes the Apple iPhone 11’s bezels look humungous in comparison. To get this in perspective, @IceUniverse states that the Galaxy Note 10’s bezels will measure just 2mm on top, 3.7mm on the bottom and a mere 1.5mm at the sides. The newly redesigned centrally located front-facing camera will measure just 4.2mm in diameter. The resulting screen-to-body ratio is a massive 92.5 per cent. In comparison, the iPhone XS has a screen-to-body ratio of 82.9 per cent while the iPhone XS Max features an 84.4 per cent screen-to-body ratio. The OnePlus 7 Pro comes with no cut-out for the camera as it features a pop-up selfie camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ comes closest to the Galaxy Note 10 with an 88.9 per cent ratio as it features a heavily curved display. Due to these measurements, Samsung has achieved something incredible with the Note 10.

As per a related report by Forbes, “Will this be enough to convince buyers to part with their money? My own source can confirm that all-new 45W charging will be there (with a catch) which may tip the balance, but also that the headphone jack has definitely gone from both models and microSD is on the chopping block, not just for the standard smaller Note 10 but the 5G versions as well.”

However, even with the aforementioned setbacks, the Galaxy Note 10 will still do exceedingly well and be ahead of the curve in comparison with the iPhone 11.

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