Fresh leaks on Pixel 2 suggest music recognition, stereo speakers

There are rumours about a revamped Pixel launcher as well.

October 4 is approaching, which means one of the best Android smartphones is about to break its cover — the Pixel 2. The second generation of the Pixel smartphones will compete with this year’s top dogs, keeping the mighty iPhone X in sight. The Pixel 2 has already won over the iPhone X in retaining secrecy before launch as nobody has exact ideas about the new models. However, Xda-developers have gathered some leaks that can possibly make it to the final product.

First of all is the presence of music recognition on the new phones. Android phones keep listening always for the ‘Ok Google’ hotword (if you have enabled it) and it wouldn’t be very hard for Google to let the new Pixel listen to music and suggest similar tunes.

Then, the Pixel 2 could also feature stereo speakers, which are there for the iPhone 8 duo. The presence of stereo speakers indicates that the new Pixel models are going to retain some considerable bezels. Still, it won’t be a bad trade-off as watching movies on these would become a breeze.

However, there’s going to be one trade-off that might upset a large number of people — the headphone jack. Both HTC and LG have dropped headphone jack from their flagship offering, which will be reflected on the Pixel models as well. Apart from that, the Pixel launcher is also expected to gain a major makeover.

Still, these are just expectations and rumours as nobody knows for sure what Google has in store for the world on October 4. Stay tuned for all news related to Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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