Are flip phones back? Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 may come with exciting form factor

After the foldable Moto Razr, Samsung rumoured to come with a clamshell-like design for its next foldable smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has run into some unforeseen problems and its launch date is not quite known yet. This, however, hasn’t stopped the brand from working on a new device with similar features. Dubbed the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, this new super-sized smartphone is rumoured to be a successor to the Galaxy Fold as reported by the ever-reliable ET News.

ET News has a stellar track record when it comes to predicting Samsung related news and this time around the new handset will feature a flip-phone style design. While the Galaxy Fold opens up horizontally, the new device that’s being developed is said to flip open vertically. This description lines up with reports that surfaced earlier this year from Bloomberg who claimed that sources informed them that the next foldable handset would come with this unique folding feature.

The latest leak states that the handset will feature a 6.7-inch primary display and a 1-inch external screen that can be used when folded. The second screen due to its smaller size would most likely take care of basic functions such as displaying notifications. Those in the know claim that this handset is similar in size to the Galaxy S10 5G that made its debut this year.

As of now, nothing is confirmed but there is a high possibility that this upcoming foldable smartphone will also feature 5G connectivity when it’s available. However, an interesting fact here is that this handset could be a bit cheaper in comparison to the original Galaxy Fold as it is a smaller device. The Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with a 7.3-inch display, a 4.6-inch secondary display and an exorbitant USD 1980 price tag.

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