Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X to give iPhone 11 a run for its money

The foldable smartphones are coming and Apple should be afraid.

Today we saw an excellent video render of the iPhone 11 and no matter what people will say, it is going to be a good-looking device even though it will feature the polarizing square camera hump that’s dividing opinions the world over. However, no matter how much anyone may praise the iPhone, this year its number is up as come September, along with the new iPhones, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Fold and Huawei is expected to introduce the Mate X —two foldable smartphones that are expected to absolutely disrupt the smartphone segment.

Huawei Mate X CEO

Earlier this week, Samsung announced that its Galaxy Fold would be made available this September and now; Huawei CEO Richard Yu has been spotted at Shenzhen International Airport flaunting the Mate X. While Samsung has officially confirmed that its Galaxy Fold will launch by September, Huawei’s CEO wasn’t too forward with launch details about the Mate X. However, official information from Huawei states that it will launch the Mate X in September and this information was provided in June when the brand announced its revised release dates.

While Samsung’s delay has been widely written about, Huawei has been less than the public about its reason for delaying the Mate X. Huawei only stated that they were taking a “cautious” approach with releasing the Mate X and that they were doing extensive testing to ensure it was ready for consumers.

As of now, it’s unclear what changes if any have been made to the Mate X’s design as a result of its extensive testing. However, some reports indicate that Huawei has made significant progress from when they unveiled it back at MWC 2019 in February. A hardware executive has informed TechRadar that its hardware was “basically the same” as what was displayed earlier this year.

A report by The Verge states, “Although its foldable hasn’t caused the same publicity nightmare as the Galaxy Fold, Huawei’s Mate X could still face difficulties. Not only is the Mate X not going to be released in the US like Huawei’s other phones, but Huawei’s continued presence on the US Entity List means that its use of Android is still in question. Huawei told CNBC that the Mate X will be allowed to use Android because it was announced before the ban, but with the company’s license due to expire on August 19th, it’s unclear what the situation with its OS will be.”

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