Apple betting big on iPhone 11

Will produce 75 million units of the iPhone 11 lineup which was the same as orders for the iPhone XS models.

Apple expects the iPhone 11 to sell well and its suppliers are reporting that they are in the midst of producing 75 million units of the iPhone 11 line-up; which is approximately the same as orders for the 2018 iPhone XS. As per a report by Apple Insider, these 75 million units is about the same as the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR and Apple has strong hopes that demand will remain steady in at least the first few months, despite an overall dip in demand and the trade disputes going on between US and China.

Foxconn has reportedly ramped up its workforce in Shenzhen and they are giving their workers a 10 per cent pay hike to ensure they have enough personnel manufacturing the iPhones. This is despite statements from Foxconn founder who has urged Apple to shift its production away from China over the rising labour costs and US/China trade tensions.

As per the report, “The 75 million would only be for the launch period of the device, spanning September, October, and some of November. Apple provides estimated order quantities upfront to device manufacturers, and adjusts them as device demand peaks and wanes, as well as tailoring them for consumer demand of a particular model.”

This is due to the fact that sales have declined and also because of consistent rumours suggesting that the 2020 iPhones will feature major updates including 5G, and an iPad-like Pro Motion display.

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