WhatsApp update could help you with naked selfies

The latest update could save you from countless embarrassing mistakes.

Let’s be real, most people send naked pictures to their significant other or to anyone they fancy. The drawback here is that you could accidentally send it to the wrong person. In what may come as never soon enough, WhatsApp has started rolling out a new update to Android users the world over which can potentially save countless individuals from making embarrassing mistakes.

The world’s most popular messaging app had a flaw that made it difficult for users to see who they were sending pictures to. Whenever a picture or a message was sent to a contact, the sender was only able to see a small icon of the receiver’s profile picture. This made it awfully simple to send an unwanted image to the wrong person.

With the latest update, WhatsApp has fixed it by making it clearer who users will be sending images to by displaying the name of the contact below the image. This update has just been rolled out to Android users; so those with Samsung, Huawei and Sony smartphones can rest a bit easy knowing exactly who they are sending their pictures to. iPhone users already had this feature included in the latest update and now, finally, Android handsets have received it.

This feature was first spotted by WABetaInfo who found the beta version of the update before it was rolled out widely.

While this is a step in the right direction, WhatsApp users are still waiting for two of the biggest updates in the messaging service’s history. These updates are scheduled to hit devices next year.

The first major update is a merger with Facebook-owned apps such as Instagram and Messenger. This means that conversations will take place seamlessly between individuals regardless of which app they use to communicate.

The second big change will be the recently introduced Libra cryptocurrency that will make its way on to WhatsApp. This will enable users to send and receive payments by just tapping a button. This feature is set to be introduced in 2020 with no exact launch date being provided.

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