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Is your smartphone lagging? Here’s a quick fix

Published Apr 25, 2017, 2:58 pm IST
Updated Apr 25, 2017, 2:58 pm IST
Android smartphones usually start lagging after a couple of months’ use.
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 (Representational image)

Android users must surely face the issue of lagging a couple of months after they purchase their devices. This is especially true in cases of budget and mid-range smartphones. It can get frustrating after a point of time.

Following given reasons might explain why your device might have become slow:


— You have probably installed too many apps in the device

— Your device’s RAM storage must not suffice your use

— Your device’s internal storage must be almost full

Take a look at the following given quick fixes:

— You can try deleting all the unnecessary apps on your device

— It is advisable that you get rid of the unwanted widgets on your device’s home screen.

— Avoid live-wallpapers or replace them with a static one if you have set up any.

— Keep your smartphone updated with the latest Android OS version


— It is advisable that you empty out your device of all the files that are not required

— Save most of your data on the microSD card instead of ROM storage

— Switch to software like Clean Master or Swift Locker that help you free up the storage spaces

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