Is Windows Phone gonna die? Top apps that won't work

Many popular applications in the past few weeks have pulled out from the Windows Phone platform.

Windows has been the host to many new apps these days, but that doesn’t stop other developers from pulling out their apps from the platform. Major app developers are leaving the platform, which doesn’t come as a surprise, since Microsoft itself doesn’t seem very clear about its plans for the platform.

With Microsoft revealing its declining revenue in the recent financial report, it is clear that company’s mobile platform isn’t doing very well. According to Microsoft’s financial reports, phone revenue declined 71 percent, down 70 in constant currency, but the company didn’t disclose the number of phones it sold during the quarter.

Sales of the Windows phones have declined, and smartphones like Lumia 950 and 950 XL failed to make an impression over the market in terms of sales number. Microsoft now plans to avoid having the bitter pill, with no Lumia models planned for 2016.

Reports suggest that the company will be focusing on its much anticipated Surface phone to boost its revenue through the mobile segment. The company is expected to unveil the device in 2017, which entails that the company has no bigger plans for its mobile hardware business for now.

However, Microsoft will be releasing an update called the Windows Anniversary Update on August 2. The new update is designed to bring a bunch of enhanced features to Windows phones.

In order to make Windows 10 Mobile phones a better alternative to Android and iOS, the company has made enhancements to Edge touch navigation gestures, Cortana enhancements updates for the built-in apps.

Many popular developers which no longer seek Windows as a source of growth to their application have decided to part ways with the platform.

PayPal recently announced that its Windows app will be discontinued on June 30. Users now will only be able to access their accounts via Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Android and iOS users can continue to take advantage of the PayPal app and will get PayPal 6.0 update soon.

Following the paths of PayPal, Amazon confirmed that it will be discontinuing its Windows Phone app. From July 25, the app will be completely pulled off the platform and will only be accessible from the web browsers.

There are speculations that a Windows 10 Mobile or even a universal app for Windows 10 could be released, but there is no confirmation from Amazon regarding the report. For now, Amazon is just another big name that doesn’t want to serve the small user base of the Windows platform.

In February, popular microblogging service, Tumblr also pulled out from the platform. The app which was first launched in 2013 was removed silently from Windows Store. There has been no word on the universal app since.

User’s interest in Windows platform has dropped down substantially in the last few months, forcing many developers to discontinue their services for Windows and focus on the platforms where bigger opportunity exists. However, some loyal users have decided to stick to the Windows platform.

It came as a surprise when the Bank of America app, which discontinued its services for Windows in March 2015, returned to the platform with its universal Windows 10 app.

Other developers, who have never dipped their hands in the Windows Phone loop, see the platform unworthy of financial and human resources required to initiate the development of an app.

Microsoft has been frequently accused of focusing more on its rival platforms and bringing apps here first, instead of supporting their own operating system.

We will have to wait and watch what Microsoft has in its bag of tricks to offer its user. We hope that the company brings something fresh to the table with its new Anniversary update.

It is possible that the developers, who pulled out their apps from the platform, will return with their Universal Windows apps. The return of these apps will surely add validity to the platform.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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