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WhatsApp Gold Edition: Yes it is a scam, a hoax

Published May 23, 2016, 12:43 pm IST
Updated May 27, 2016, 2:47 pm IST
WhatsApp Gold is nothing but a variant of WhatsApp Plus, a third-party tweaked app.
Be aware, the WhatsApp Gold edition is not an official version from the WhatsApp team. Be warned, if you are installing this app, you could lose your data to hackers or even have your smartphone controlled by them.
 Be aware, the WhatsApp Gold edition is not an official version from the WhatsApp team. Be warned, if you are installing this app, you could lose your data to hackers or even have your smartphone controlled by them.

If you have received a message or invitation for WhatsApp Gold, you should know that it is a scam message and could install malware on your Android phone. WhatsApp Gold is another variant of WhatsApp Gold and is tweaked for users. However, in the background, it could be playing with your privacy.

WhatsApp Plus was in the news for a long time. The app was banned by WhatsApp, since it is not the official version from the Facebook team. The app is a tweaked version of the original WhatsApp app, which could include lines codes for stealing your data or installing malware on your phone.


WhatsApp Plus was a third-party application by a few online Android developers. It included tweaked features that are not originally available from WhatsApp. These features add more use to the messaging platform, but are not approved or supported by the WhatsApp developer team. The app could have a few too many lines of codes that could put your privacy at stake, apart from automatically installing malware on your smartphone. The app could be a backdoor to privacy hell. Your data could be stolen without your knowledge and stored on various servers on the internet and even be sold on the dark web. Photos, videos and other sensitive information such as banking passwords, email and website passwords could be passed on to the makers of the tweaked application. These details could be used against you and you could be a victim of ransomeware. If you are receiving messages from friends or on groups to install WhatsApp Gold, luring you to enable video calling and other irresistible features that are not originally available on WhatsApp.

So what does WhatsApp Gold have to offer?

The makers of WhatsApp Gold offer a few too many features that are not originally built into the official WhatsApp messaging app. The developers boast of the following features:

  • Show my name instead of chat (after install, first time restart wago manually)
  • New message send sound added
  • Disable voice call
  • Disable voice note
  • Attach button call button hide
  • Added toast if someone writes you
  • Now search theme from server and install it
  • Added option to change app icon (26 total)
  • Fix verification with SMS
  • Now change notification icon option added
  • Added option to change colour background fab button
  • Added option to change colour small fab button
  • Fix show preview trick in some driver
  • Added more bubble (35 total)
  • Some colour code added
  • New style to plus settings
  • Added 2 style to conversations style row (6 total)
  • Added more style to conversation entry (16 total)
  • Theme server – wallpaper fixed too
  • Option to search for renovation
  • Added new forms to change the shape of the bubble
  • Added new forms for form input boxes
  • Fixed a problem not to load the rear of the surfer
  • Default icon changed
  • Default chat wallpaper changed
  • Ban proof
  • New font style added for different look
  • Emoji colour changed
  • New HD icon added
  • New options to change colour
  • Dark ul
  • Change language in app
  • Pics in chat
  • New emoji (ios 9 and android 6)
  • New tricks (total 30)
  • Preview tricks before choose
  • Option to go to osmthemes website and download themes and load in wago
  • Option to share and save themes
  • Added direct theme apply in wago like gb WhatsApp (no need to go to website)
  • Option to delete unnecessary file (whatsapp.Log)
  • Read log + filter
  • Option to change between circle or square photo
  • More option to change size
  • Delete option to change icon because it was stopped the counter in icon
  • Added ringtone contact toast
  • Send photo HD
  • Change colour notification circle colour
  • Change text size
  • Delete recently emoji
  • Change themes like WhatsApp plus
  • Pics in chat
  • Contact toast
  • Status toast
  • Private mod
  • Contact status in conversations
  • Old ul
  • Option to set your name in main
  • Disable heads-up for lollipop
  • Dark ul
  • Hide date & time while copying tow messages
  • Make text selectable
  • Group message counter
  • Added increase video file size upload limit to 30 mb
  • Preview images and video
  • Added hide call button
  • Added hide attach button
  • Privacy settings
  • Zoom in to image profile
  • Some colour code fix
  • Select a text conversation screen
  • Select a text on status
  • Copy status
  • Send more than 10 pictures at once
  • Activation via direct SMS code for no need for backup
  • The possibility of click on the links without storing number sender of the message or group owner
  • Added hide archive
  • The possibility of distinguishing between normal messages and broadcast messages
  • Two more tick style added
  • Attach button fix now on some device

Special boasted features that they highlight are:

  • All in one WhatsApp
  • All features now added in one WhatsApp (GB, GIO, OSM, Yo, OG Features now Added)
  • Disable voice call
  • Disable voice note
  • Call button hide
  • Add toast if someone writes you

The developers mention that in order to install the Gold edition, you need to uninstall the official version. You then have to download the Gold version apk from an online file hosting server and sideload it to your system. The app is not available officially on Google Play. After installing the app, you will be seeing all sorts of new advanced features on WhatsApp. The app also lures you into the feature of using multiple phone numbers on a single app.

Check out the screenshots and a video that demonstrates how you can install the WhatsApp Gold Edition on your smartphone.






Be aware, the WhatsApp Gold edition is not an official version from the WhatsApp team. Be warned, if you are installing this app, you could lose your data to hackers or even have your smartphone controlled by them. Rooted users are especially warned against using third-party apps from unknown sources and developers. 

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