Samsung offering paltry Rs 21,900 for iPhone XS Max

The South Korean brand is offering a meagre discount of up to Rs 21,900 in exchange for a Samsung Galaxy S10.

When purchasing a new handset, an attractive option to lessen the blow of a new handset is by exchanging your old model for a brand spanking new device. Samsung, like other brands, is offering an exchange program for those looking to upgrade to the Galaxy S10 devices. While this may seem as good news to some, others may find it to be a bit unfair or disheartening. The reason being, Samsung is offering a meagre Rs 21,900 for your iPhone XS Max, a device which is priced at USD 1,449.

A report by Softpedia News states that the maximum trade-in value is a paltry USD 300 which is definitely not enough, and the website states, “especially because this is the amount that Samsung pays, for example, for a working iPhone XS Max. For what it’s worth, the top iPhone XS Max costs $1,449 in the United States.”

The Samsung exchange or trade-in program features brands including Samsung, Apple, LG, Google, Motorola and others; the newer the handset the larger the price, obviously. If you want to exchange your old Samsung Galaxy S8, you get USD 200, while the Galaxy S9 fetches you USD 300. The case is the same with iPhones. If you trade-in your old iPhone 7, you get USD 200, while an iPhone X and later gives you USD 300. The whole point of the exchange program is to make the Galaxy S10 more affordable. However, while it may seem fair for Samsung to promote the handset, purchasing the iPhone XS Max, which by the way is still the current Apple flagship, for a mere USD 300 will more than likely leave you short-changed.

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