Samsung roasts Huawei’s Mate 30 at it\'s own launch

The Korean brand sent mails to users titled “Enjoy Google updates, apps and services” before the launch had even ended.

Samsung and Huawei are big rivals when it comes to the global smartphone market, with China-based Huawei being just behind South Korea-based Samsung when it comes to numbers. At a level like this, when one side has an opportunity to pull the other’s leg, the chance does not pass.

Users of Samsung phones who were attending the Mate 30 launch got an Email from the Korean giants with the subject saying “Enjoy Google updates, apps and services”.

In case you didn’t follow, here’s the explanation—Huawei recently got into trouble with the US over privacy issues, which led to the company being banned from collaborating with any US-based product, including Google’s apps and services, and more importantly, the Android Operating System.

After a long tug of war with the country, Huawei was finally forced to go ahead and launch their flagship Mate 30 series without any Google apps and services. Huawei also refrained from launching the smartphones in Europe. The ban affects both the Mate 30 and the Mate 30 Pro, and the situation may start a difficult period for the brand to survive in the flagship smartphone segment.

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