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Apple iPhone 8 will be launched on time, may cost over $1,000: Apple Analyst

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Published on: July 21, 2017 | Updated on: July 21, 2017

iPhone 8 predecessor, the iPhone 7 Plus costs around Rs 63,950.

Apple iPhone 7 (Photo: FIle)

Apple iPhone 7 (Photo: FIle)

The upcoming iPhone 8 would likely to cost over $1,000 -- a $100 more than the launched price of its predecessor iPhone 7 Plus model, predicted experts.  According to JP Morgan’s Apple Analyst Rod Hall the average selling price of iPhone 8 will be increased by $100 (approx. Rs 6,443), costing about $1100 (approx. Rs 70.873).

The iPhone 7 Plus costs around Rs 63,950 in the country.

This is not the first time that iPhone 8 price is speculated to be more than the cost of previous iPhone models. Earlier John Grubber, an Apple blogger, also suggested the model would cost $1,200 (approx. Rs 77,332) for the entry-level version.

Furthermore, Mr. Hall from JP Morgan also remarked that Apple is unlikely to delay iPhone 8 launch as what rumours are claiming. He said, "We do not believe that Apple’s production schedule is still changing materially with most current delay reports simply dated reverberations of decisions Apple made back in the spring."

He said that Apple may short fall of demanded iPhone 8 quantities, but the model will be launched in September. The delay is expected to be caused due to design issues, which includes OLED-panel, 3D sensor and wireless charging. In fact, an earlier report hinted on limited supplies of Apple iPhone 8, claiming that Samsung will be able to supple around 3-4 million OLED-panels, far less than the ordered 70 million, at the time of launch.

"We expect a small amount of late September EMS output for the Pro model and then ramping production through October with target output levels achieved in late October/early November," Hall added.

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