Samsung to use old-school tech on Galaxy Note 10 series

The rumours about Samsung opting for pressure-sensitive buttons for the power and volume rockers carried no weight.

There are just a few weeks remaining for Samsung to officially announce its next flagship of the year, the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Pro. And due to the nature of this launch and taking Samsung’s lofty standing into consideration, rumours and leaks are flying all over the internet. Earlier this year there were rumours that Samsung would introduce the handset without physical buttons; however, it was soon shot down. Recently, these rumours made a reappearance with Android Police stating that the handset would come with these futuristic features. However, it now appears that the back and forth is continuing and the South Korean smartphone manufacturer will not, in fact, use this technology with the Galaxy Note 10.

As per a report by Android Police, a reliable source has claimed that Samsung initially did have plans to add pressure-sensitive buttons on the Galaxy Note 10 line-up but these plans have since been put on the back-burner. The source went on to add that that the Galaxy Note 10 smartphones will ship with physical power and volume buttons and in the process, eliminate the Bixby button.

As of now, there is no explanation why Samsung went back on its plans to use pressure-sensitive buttons on the Note 10 series. The biggest possible reason for this change is that they tested out this technology and discovered that it wasn’t feasible for this device. It is a bit strange as the cutouts for physical buttons tend to be the weakest area of smartphones and doing away with them would make the device very durable.

Whatever the case may be Android Police is certain that physical buttons will be present on the Galaxy Note 10 series which is expected to launch in August. This could indicate that Samsung may be saving this feature for its 2020 Samsung Galaxy S11 flagship which is expected to come with a futuristic design.

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