Latest iOS 13 leak points at major Apple iPhone 11 redesign

The Apple iPhone 11 is turning out to be a device that’s worth investing in.

Ever since the first Apple iPhone 11 leak, the world was divided regarding its overall design due to the ghastly square camera bump. It appears that Apple will be redeeming itself to quite a large extent as the iPhone 11 will come with a feature that will be appreciated collectively the world over.

As per a report by Forbes, Apple is believed to be using a Type-C port on the Apple iPhone 11 instead of the Lightning port that has been around for years. This USB Type-C port is no stranger to Apple devices as the MacBooks and iPads have been using it since a while. At the time when Apple announced the USB Type-C for iPads, John Ternus, Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering states, “Because a high-performance computer deserves a high-performance connector. And so in these new iPad Pros, we're moving to USB-C. This brings a whole new set of capabilities to the iPad Pro like connecting to accessories that change how you use your iPad, cameras, musical instruments, or even docks. Or connecting to high-resolution external displays up to 5K."

The other advantage USB Type-C has over Lightning is that data accessories and displays can be connected at the same time along with the support of ‘charging out’ over USB-C for charging an alternate device such as the iPhone. The change was first noticed in the first beta of iOS 13.

Forbes goes on to add, “Finally, the move to USB-C makes sense both technologically and business-wise: it's reversible like the Lightning port, it can handle more power, allows for faster charging and data transmission, it's an industry-wide standard used in most modern electronic devices, which in a way, is better for the planet.”

The Apple Lightning connector will be 7-years old in September and it had been the last connector transition from the 30-pin Dock connector to lightning. This change was the first since Apple moved from the Dock, which was introduced on the iPod in 2001. And now 7-years on, it only makes sense for Apple to make a switch from its Lightning connector to a USB Type-C which is the industry standard.

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