Samsung’s new dual-screen smartphone makes Galaxy Fold appear archaic

The front facing camera doesn’t appear above in front of the larger screen.

Samsung is once again experimenting with the dual-screens, seems like dual-screens are going to be the future. Different from the concept of a foldable phone, Samsung is working on something which could be a dual-display handset. The South Korean company might be having problems with its new Galaxy Fold phone, but it certainly hasn’t stopped them from working on a dual-screen device.

A currently published patent which was originally filed back in July 2018 shows a handset with a tall, 18.5:9 front display and a smaller screen on the rear which looks like to have an aspect ratio of 4:3. We think the rear screen is probably not designed for video or gaming, but just for notification updates and details such as the time, date, weather and latest news, without the need to switch up the larger, more power-intensive display on the front.

The front facing camera doesn’t appear above in front of the larger screen, so quite possibly the rear screen may come equipped of the selfie camera and the rear screen may work as the viewfinder too.

Although, there’s no concrete proof that Samsung may launch a phone like this one because there are many existing patents which never have been executed. We must wait to see if Samsung can execute this or not.

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