Forget every 2019 flagship; buy this upcoming smartphone with bleeding-edge tech

This smartphone will not just be future-proof; but also come with some insane hardware that will put every other flagship to shame.

Samsung’s lineup of handsets is by far one of the best available to date. They come with state of the art tech that whoever purchases it now will be thoroughly satisfied. For those of you who have skipped the 2019 Samsung flagship refresh, there is some awesome news for you.

Leaks surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S11 are leaking in thick and fast and there is a valid fear surfacing that upgrading to the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 will be a grave mistake; especially since the Galaxy S11 is bringing so much more to the table. In what may be the biggest Samsung Galaxy S11 leak till date, popular smartphone insider @IceUniverse has effectively increased anticipation for the handset by claiming that for the company, it will be a “new beginning.” The Samsung Galaxy S11 will come loaded with the iPhone 11’s most exciting feature and thereby ensuring it’s a great upgrade.

@IceUniverse states, “Samsung is also developing the ‘Deep Fusion’ function similar to the iPhone 11 Pro, and [it] really plays the role of the NPU in taking pictures and videos. We can look forward to the Galaxy S11.”

Apple has described the iPhone 11 as “computational photography mad science” and Deep Fusion is the company’s major push into AI-based imaging processing. Forbes explains it, “Pioneered to stunning effect in smartphones by Google’s Pixel range, computational photography looks beyond processing what the camera lens saw and merges it with what should be there based on its knowledge of millions of similar photographs.”

Google’s famed Night Mode is a great example of this feature as the lens can’t see some colours and details are embedded by employing computational expectations of missing details. And what’s even more noteworthy is that Google uses this feature so well that the Pixel 3a can easily put the iPhone X to shame in low-light conditions. However, what we have seen thus far is just the beginning.

Apple has already stated that Deep Fusion won’t be available at launch for iPhone 11 owners and Google’s new Pixel 4 won’t be hitting shelves since October. With this being said, both the iPhone 11 and Google Pixel 4 will undoubtedly put pressure on Samsung to utilise its own Deep Fusion tech to be ready to go with the Galaxy S11 in early 2020. Especially with the company already committed to a groundbreaking camera.

Combining all these photographic capabilities with the Galaxy S11’s upgraded design, major performance increase and updated RAM, the handset is definitely one you need to hold out for.

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