Watch Xiaomi poking fun at smartphone notches in series of videos

In a bid to promote its Mi 9T aka Redmi K20, Xiaomi has poked fun at smartphones with notches.

The Redmi K20 India launch date is just around the corner and what better way to get a one-up over your rivals other than by making harmless fun of them. The Redmi K20 is an interesting premium midrange handset and it comes with a notchless display due to the pop-up selfie camera which allows Xiaomi to take light-hearted jabs at its rivals.

With the pop-up camera the first to be featured on a Xiaomi handset, the Chinese-based smartphone manufacturer is focusing on exactly this in its new series of videos. The episodes focus on how ridiculous the notch would look in different settings. The three videos take place within different environments such as a hairdressing salon, a dentist and lastly a make-up session going wrong.

While it’s great that Xiaomi are moving away from the notch, it has to be said that some of its recent handsets all sport the notch. But maybe Xiaomi isn’t just poking fun at its rivals but at the concept of the notch in general; especially since its Mi Mix handsets all ditched the notch since its inception.

Watch the videos below to enjoy a light-hearted view of the notch.

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