5G iPhones confirmed ahead of 2019 Apple smartphone event

The upcoming iPhones will come in three sizes with the smallest and largest coming with 5G.

At the 2019 Apple event that could be held in September, the Cupertino-based smartphone manufacturer will be announcing three new handsets that will replace the current iPhone XS, XS Max and the iPhone XR. These handsets have been leaking left, right and centre and the general consensus are that there won’t be any radical changes with the trio. Instead, Apple will be loading its 2020 iPhones with state of the art specifications and these are the handsets that are truly worth waiting for.

In the past, respected Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo had claimed that there would be three new iPhones. This was predicted over a year before they became a reality last year. Now, he is back at it again and his analysis should be taken with some weight as he now shares specific details regarding the 2020 iPhones. Kuo claims that the first iPhones that are 5G capable will be introduced next year even though Apple’s first 5G modem supplier isn’t making them anymore.

As per a research note, Kuo states, “We expect that the new 2H20 iPhone lines will include the high-end 6.7-inch and 5.4-inch OLED iPhone models and the low-end 6.1-inch OLED iPhone. The 6.7-inch and 5.4-inch OLED iPhone models will likely support 5G. We expect that the PA usage of each 5G iPhone will be 200% more than the current number for iPhone models. Sole suppliers, including Broadcom (designer) and Win-semi (manufacturer), are the significant winners in this case. […]
We believe that the content of Apple and Qualcomm's previous settlement includes Qualcomm's release of partly 5G baseband chip source code to Apple for Apple's development of own 5G PA/FEM.”

Kuo went on to add that all of the 2021 iPhones will support 5G and that Apple will have its own 5G modems ready by 2022 to 2023. This should reduce its dependence on Qualcomm.

Commenting on the new iPhone sizes; it is plausible to assume that Apple will shrink the size of its iPhone XS down to 5.4-inches and increase the size of its iPhone XS Max to 6.7-inches. The move by Apple to shrink down the size should come as good news to fans that have long been waiting for a smaller handset with the best possible features. The 6.1-inch iPhone XR successor’s size should remain the same.

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