The Samsung Galaxy 11 could feature 108MP camera, 10x optical zoom

A tweet mentions that the next Galaxy device will feature a 10x Optical Zoom and a 108MP camera sensor.

Samsung’s launch for the Galaxy Note 10 series is merely a few weeks away, with most of the details of the phone already available to the public via leaks. A source from the Korean brand, likely the same one who opened the doors for said leaks to surface online, has now hinted at new features on future Galaxy smartphones.

A tweet by the handle ‘Ice Universe’ shared says that the Galaxy Note 10 will be the last phone to feature the 1.4 micropixel sensor, further adding that the newer Samsung devices will have a ‘new beginning’.

In another, later tweet, Ice Universe mentions that the next Galaxy device by Samsung will feature a 10x Optical Zoom and a 108MP camera sensor.

While the current limit on the biggest sensors on phone cameras stand at 48MPs and with manufacturers being handed 64MP sensors as well, seeing a sensor featuring over a 100 Megapixels doesn’t seem too utopian. Adding to that, a 10x optical zoom, if actually implemented, could change the way we assess the power of smartphone cameras.

While it remains unclear if these elements would actually make their way to the next Galaxy device, their implementation would perhaps be the next big leap in smartphone camera evolution.

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