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Technology Mobiles and Tabs 14 Aug 2019 Apple insider confir ...

Apple insider confirms shock iPhone cancellation

Published Aug 14, 2019, 9:00 am IST
Updated Aug 14, 2019, 9:00 am IST
Does Apple have plans to cancel one of its flagship iPhones?
Could the iPhone Pro be a handset that's completely different from the iPhone 11? (iPhone concept: Concept Creator)
 Could the iPhone Pro be a handset that's completely different from the iPhone 11? (iPhone concept: Concept Creator)

There has been a lot of information leaking about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 11 series which includes but not limited to it square camera bump that houses a triple rear camera configuration, potential Apple Pencil support and its possible release date. Now, the biggest mystery regarding Apple’s flagship handset has been solved and this has gotten the entire tech industry excited.

It appears that the iPhone Max series has been killed off, with it being around for just a single year. As per a tweet by the remarkable Apple insider CoinX, Apple is tipped to replace the iPhone Max with the iPhone Pro which could lead to a variety of major consequences across the entire iPhone 11 lineup.


Let’s first breakdown by CoinX is so great. This mystery Apple insider has the distinction of have a 100 per cent track record. The anonymous Twitter account has been in existence for just over 10 months but has managed to successfully predict the return of the iPad mini, as well as the 2018 Apple plans for its iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR lineup. Apart from leaking its naming scheme, CoinX has also specified iPhone XS information such as size, design differences as well as its dimensions and charging speeds.

This leads us to believe that CoinX doesn’t want to tarnish its 100 per cent track record and by adding the Pro moniker to the iPhone a lot can be said about a name.


The iPhone Pro will fall in line with other Apple flagship devices such as the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. And from a user’s point of view, the Pro branding has always warranted differentiation so the “equality of features previously enjoyed between its two premium iPhones looks set to come to an end,” a related report by Forbes states.

This is due to the fact that we already know that the Apple will be sticking to the 6.1-inch XR, the 5.8-inch XS and the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max form factors and with no other model being mentioned. So this means the iPhone 11 Max or iPhone 11 Pro whichever name Apple calls it will need to stand out. Forbes reports, “How remains unclear (exclusive Apple Pencil support and a much bigger battery are rumoured), but the shift is an obvious way for Apple to upsell customers and boost average sales prices while iPhone sales continue to slow.” 


Also, it is worth noting that CoinX does not specify which numeral will be used in the upcoming iPhone. However, with this latest leak, Apple’s upcoming iPhones have suddenly become very mysterious and interesting.

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