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Two reasons that make iPhone 11 better than every Android flagship

Published Sep 12, 2019, 10:42 am IST
Updated Sep 12, 2019, 10:42 am IST
Two key features that make this year’s iPhone 11 Pro a worthy upgrade over its closest Android rival.
The iPhone 11 Pro is a seriously capable device no matter what  say.
 The iPhone 11 Pro is a seriously capable device no matter what say.

When Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 10, it came with features that were praised by the entire tech industry and after reviewing, we found It to be easily one of the best smartphones of the year. In Apple’s case, this smartphone has been derided from the very beginning, so much so that people began criticizing the design much before it was even officially unveiled.

With the latest iPhone, there is a ton of information to sift through and two key features have been spotted which put it way above any other smartphone including the Galaxy Note 10. At this year’s event, Apple not only displayed its iPhones but showed off its strength in other key areas such as its impressive trade-in options as well as a segment that they are dominating in recent times — services. This could be a subtle recognition by Apple that its consumers are upgrading at a slower pace or it could just be that the Cupertino company switching up its tactics and putting a higher focus on services.


When it comes to handsets, the iPhone 11 Pro is a seriously capable device no matter what people say. The cameras on these smartphones with its AI and the services which are on offers such as the new Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade make them key features for those looking to upgrade. These two points make the iPhone 11 Pro a much more promising handset even when compared with the market leader, the Galaxy Note 10.

iPhone 11 Pro

It is pretty obvious that Apple cannot compete with Google when it comes to AI and its voice assistant and its litany of tasks it performs that help in the overall Android experience. Apple does not have years of gathering, information via its search like Google does; however, it has the capability to target how it uses its artificial intelligence that will help enhance certain aspects of your iPhone experience as it showed off its iPhone 11 with plenty of camera features.


Commenting on this point, Forbes states, “Features like "Deep Fusion", where the iPhone 11 camera takes multiple pictures and stitches them together to create a more detailed and less noisy image, is a good example of focusing the most complex processes in one area for tangible gain. Other features include previews of wide-angle shots in the camera app, the ability to switch an image from standard to wide after a photo has been taken, suggesting these actions when viewing images after the fact - and a new auto low-light photography mode. “


It is in this field where companies such as Apple can take on Google and the company’s attempt at improving images using AI seems like it will be quite useful on a day-to-day basis.

When it comes to discounts, Apple is one of the most rigid brands. And with an army of loyal Apple fans and an extremely large user base, it means that Apple doesn’t even need to be flexible with its service prices.

However, in 2019, Apple has switched up its game and it has announced its new TV streaming service, Apple TV+ where those who purchase new iPhones will get a 1-year subscription free. This offer is valid even on refurbished devices. It is pretty common where phones are bundled with a week, month or even a few months of free streaming service; however, this time it is quite different.


Forbes explains this point by stating, “Firstly, the service will launch with nine seemingly high-quality original programmes (five more to follow in coming months) with big names attached to the new project. From the shows announced, it looks like good quality original content that you might actually watch rather than a TV service that's packed with rehashed episodes of decade-old sitcoms.

Secondly, only Apple could pull this off. It has created its own TV streaming service, which is priced way below its competition, and launched it with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of original programming to an audience of Apple users on tech Apple makes. A year’s free TV service with what looks like decent programming is objectively a good deal. And because it’s all effectively in-house for Apple - it doesn’t have to strike deals with other companies like Spotify or YouTube to offer future freebies. So expect more in coming months, especially with two major holiday shopping periods coming up. “


So, if Apple is rigid on its pricing, then it plans to be flexible with its pricing on services. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10, on the other hand, comes with various launch offers but they don’t compare to the ones offered by Apple.

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