iPhone 12 will come with breakthrough tech

The upcoming iPhone 12 will feature an all-new design and be 5G-enabled.

While the 2019 iPhone 11 will come with features that could make any Apple fan swoon, it is the 2020 iPhone 12 that’s gaining all the traction in the tech community. And if a new leak by Ming-Chi Kuo is anything to go by, then we could see next year’s iPhone feature an all-new design as well as being 5G-enabled.

The research note that has been obtained by 9to5Mac claims that Apple will be adopting an “all-new form factor design” for the iPhone 12 so this means that the iPhone 11 could be the last handset to feature the notch and other traits we are familiar with.

The other major upgrades which Kuo highlights will be 5G support and significant upgrades to the camera. These features are already expected; however, with Kuo confirming it, it could definitely be a reality.

The report adds, “Kuo didn’t expand on the new design or what next year’s camera upgrades might include in his latest note. But Kuo previously reported the 2020 iPhone cameras will include rear time of flight (ToF) sensors. Those could enhance image quality and also offer new augmented reality features. He also previously predicted that with the design change in 2020, next year’s OLED iPhones will be offered in 5.4- and 6.7-inch sizes, instead of the current 5.8- and 6.5-inch iPhone XS and XS Max.”

Other notable predictions pertain to this year’s iPhone and Apple will be adding ultra-wideband technology that’s said to be a part of the new antenna design. Kuo had previously stated that this new technology would arrive with the iPhone 11 handsets and that the upcoming new iBeacons would take advantage of short-range radio technology that could offer improvements to indoor navigation. The new ultra-wideband tags are expected to work along with Bluetooth based iBeacons to offer an innovative user experience for indoor mapping, the report states.

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