All-new Apple iPhone revealed

There could be a new iPhone in the works that’s vastly different from all the leaks and rumours that have been surfacing.

Apple’s latest iPhones will be launching in just a couple of days time and when we thought that there was nothing left to be revealed, a new rumour has come out of the woodwork which dispels everything we thought we knew. As per a report by 9to5Mac, Apple could be planning to introduce a handset that will apparently shake up the entire tech industry.

Apple’s next iPhone 11 series will be announced on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, and with it, we get three new iPhones that will come with beefed-up specifications and encased in a design that’s rather polarizing. However, the latest report suggests that Apple’s upcoming iPhone will pack some killer specifications and completely overhaul the design that we are familiar with. Also, these upgrades will actually make users want to upgrade.

As per noted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will launch an all-new form factor design for its iPhone in 2020 which implies a completely different handset. To put this in perspective, Apple has already stated that they have been working on a foldable smartphone so this could be the direction the company is working on. A related report by Forbes states, “But even if Kuo is only referring to an overhaul of the current design, this will be a big selling point as the iPhone X notch will be four years old at that point. “

Secondly, all of the 2020 iPhones will come with 5G capability and the Cupertino-brand needs to deliver on this front as all other bigger smartphone brands have already launched their first 5G handsets. So, if Apple plans on competing and staying relevant, they have to offer this feature on not one; but all of its 2020 smartphones.

Thirdly, Kuo points out that there will be some massive camera upgrades. Forbes states, “The biggest iPhone 11 upgrade is its triple-lens camera, but Apple also dropped radical 3D mapping technology from it along with a Time Of Flight sensor which has become common on rival flagships. Kuo doesn’t spell out that these will be the changes in 2020, but Bloomberg is convinced. “

Apart from this, Kuo has claimed that Apple will launch new iPhone screen sizes next year and its displays will feature Touch ID and 120Hz ProMotion. Also, Apple will finally embrace the USB Type-C standard.

So, those of you who are upgrading to the iPhone 11, you should definitely watch out as you will be buying the final generation of an ageing iPhone design tied to connectivity.

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