Disappointing Apple iPhone 11 has a lot to fear from brilliant Android rival

Apple’s boring iPhone is going to launch at a time when the tech industry has moved ahead by leaps and bounds.

The Samsung Unpacked has just gotten over with the South Korean tech giant showing off a range of Galaxy Note 10 handsets that come with features that no other phone can match just yet. This launch not just highlighted Samsung’s commitment to the cause but also thrown a wet blanket over the Apple iPhone 11 launch that should take place next month. The Galaxy Note 10 will go down in history as the time Samsung launched its best products of the year and also keeping an eye on the future.

Should Tim Cook and Apple be worried about Samsung and the Galaxy Note 10 devices? In a word, yes?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a power-packed device and available in two sizes, it puts Apple’s upcoming iPhone in jeopardy. The Note 10 comes with triple lens system for the rear camera and it comprises of a regular lens, a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. Additionally, the Note 10+ comes with a ToF sensor as well that helps with AR and physical mapping. The next iPhones are supposed to come with a triple-lens arrangement as well and it will match the Galaxy Note 10. However, Samsung is way ahead of the curve and this isn’t the brand’s first foray into triple-lens setups. The Galaxy S10 has capable shooters on the rear and also featured a triple-lens setup and the handset launched in March. Also, the Huawei Mate and P Series of handsets all have triple rear cameras and they are regarded as the industry best. So Apple isn’t the brand that they once were, in fact, with iPhones, now, all you can expect is old tech in a fancy new bottle.

Although on paper these prices look a bit steep, they pale in comparison to what Apple has priced its flagship products at.

As far as software processing goes, Apple was once regarded as the best; however, those days are long gone with Google and Huawei ruling the technosphere and moving way past the Cupertino brand. With the triple-lens system, Apple can catch up in the hardware department, but we have to wait and watch if they have enough to back it up to compete for the top spot.

As per a report by Forbes, “Arguably imaging software is one of the few areas where Samsung should be comfortably ahead of Apple, and I expect specs and benchmarks to bear this out, but for the vast majority of users, the iPhone camera system will be ‘good enough’. If the argument for the Note 10 camera is the only argument, then the Huawei P30 is going to want a seat at the table.”

With the Galaxy Note 10, Samsung has added an all-new S Pen and its features are quite impressive. This is basically like a wand for your smartphone as it comes with the new Air Gesture features that can be used to zoom in to a picture or adjust the volume of the handset. Apple’s upcoming flagship will also feature stylus support and just like the Apple iPad, it will be compatible with the Apple Pencil. While the Note 10’s S Pen has some neat tricks, we sincerely doubt that Apple’s option will be so feature-laden.

Samsung is leading the way when it comes to useful technology.

When it comes to the design of the Galaxy Note 10, there is virtually no brand that can touch it. Even the all-screen Apple iPhone XS Max has a lower screen-to-body ratio than Samsung’s option. The Galaxy Note 10 is literally pushing the barrier when it comes to bezels and it will be some time before any other brand can match it.

Forbes states, “This year’s iPhone may have a new orientation of circuit board and the introduction of the Apple Pencil, but the key technological changes the geekerati are expecting - such as 5G connectivity, fast charging out of the box, an ‘all-screen’ forward profile with no notches - are not expected to arrive until 2020, and in some cases bringing back basics such as fingerprint recognition will not be around until 2021.”

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