Samsung's Note Series woes continues: Note 8 users facing touch-screen issues

Unresponsive screen and random dead spots is it time for another Note Series recall?

Last year’s ill-fated Note 7 fiasco was a big hit on Samsung’s reputation, Samsung’s quality control was put into question, when even the potentially safe replacement units were recalled and the Note 7 was officially pronounced dead.

Samsung acted swiftly to install several quality checks to make sure such quality lapses do not creep in and Samsung’s first half flagships, The S8 and S8+ had no major quality issue. However, the recently released flagship Note 8 is seemingly having touch screen issues.

Our own review unit is exhibiting these issues such as — unresponsive screen response despite repeated touches, some areas of the display refusing to recognise fingers, typing issues wherein some alphabets are not being registered despite pressing them. In short, the display suddenly goes sluggish making you repeat your steps on the screen, frustrating you to glory. However, the issue is noted only with finger-based touch and not the stylus. You can use the stylus as efficiently as possible.

Upon closer scrutiny at Samsung’s official forums, and a few others online, we figured out that many users around the world are facing similar issues. While some experienced lag, others did the same when playing games. Unresponsive controls and issues of dead touch areas in places around the sides of screen are some of the issues that were reported.

Some forum members also suggested that affected users should remove the screen guards or tampered glass protectors (if any) and even wiping the screen clean with display cleaning liquid to check if the touch screen was hampered by the obstructions. However, the situation remains rife, even with a restart or a complete factory reset. Users also checked if there was a software update for the device, but there isn’t any yet. We assume it would be a software issue and Samsung ‘could’ be working on a quick fix.

We reached out to Samsung with regards to the issue and the company claims to have addressed the issue and has already got a fix in place which will be rolled out to the users in the coming days.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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