Incredible new Apple leak will save boring 2019 iPhone 11

Apple predicts that the iPhone 11 won’t do well; but it has a trick up its sleeve with the 2019 iPhone 11.

Apple will be launching the new iPhones in September and if recent reports are to be believed, then it seems that Apple has lost faith in its upcoming products. Suppliers are reporting low orders for the 2019 iPhones and it indicates that even before its launch, Apple has lost faith in its next lineup. While most of the reports claim that the iPhone is going to fail, the brand has a neat trick up its sleeve that could save the otherwise boring iPhone in the sales department, at least.

As per a new report by Citi Research, Apple is saving one standout feature for the iPhone 11 and this is support for the Apple Pencil. Reports about adding Apple Pencil support for the iPhone have been swirling around ever since the product was announced. With this feature in tow, Apple would bring something truly unique to the next-generation handsets. While great features like 5G connectivity will be held back till the 2020 iPhone, as well as no new screen technology, there isn’t much else to make the 2019 iPhones stand out.

The Apple Pencil has been a standard feature on iPads especially the Pro variants and support for the iPhones could be referred to as “well, how long did that obvious idea take?” it would be new for Apple fans. This could be enough reason for those having older handsets to upgrade.

Apple Pencil

Also, with the Apple Pencil, it would increase the average revenue per user. While not every new iPhone consumer will purchase the Apple Pencil, but even ten per cent of those who will be purchasing the first-generation Pencil would see a USD 10 lift on the ARPU.

If it isn’t an Apple Pencil, then the “Made For iPhone’ sanctioned alternatives, which still give Apple a piece of the action through the licensing fee for peripherals in the program, a report by Forbes states.

Forbes adds, “Finally, bringing the stylus to the iPhone neuters one of the key selling points of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series of smartphones. The South-Korean manufactured phablets are tied closely to the S-Pen, and there are very few competitors using this interface on mobiles (as opposed to tablets). Although the Note 10 family is launching next week (August 7th) there’s no word yet when they will reach retail shelves. If the S-Pen is a key selling point, perhaps the Apple Pencil will eat into that crowd and tempt some over to iOS?”

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