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Amid sales drop, Apple needs to get it right with upcoming iPhone 7

Published May 5, 2016, 3:28 pm IST
Updated May 5, 2016, 4:10 pm IST
This is a very crucial period for the company and it should really look to up the ante with its upcoming offering
Apple CEO Tim Cook (Photo: AP)
 Apple CEO Tim Cook (Photo: AP)

Mumbai: Apple is currently going through a rough patch; the company recently informed that it suffered its first major drop in quarterly revenue after 13 years, as a result of the latest iPhones not performing as it was expected.

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However, CEO Tim Cook pointed out that the future of Apple is ‘bright’ and it will further strengthen its position with the release of it's next handset—the iPhone 7.

According to several media reports, Cook has claimed that the upcoming device will compel customers to buy the product. He said that the new handset will offer functionalities which ‘users won’t be able to live without’.

While the statement is a bold one, the company has no choice but to up the ante; all of their devices since the iPhone 6 have accompanied minor updates, except the 3D touch feature on the iPhone 6S.


Even the recently launched 4-inch iPhone SE failed to capture the attention in the market due to numerous factors, the main reason being the ‘irrationally’ high price, which is not at all commensurate with the offered specifications.

Cook has acknowledged the fact that a major reason for this decline is the low-upgrade cycle of the iPhone 6S in contrast to its predecessors.But he also highlighted the fact that the company has, time and again, managed to introduce disruptive products in the market, which have helped them capture huge chunks of the vast Android smartphone market in less than a year.  


Taking cues from this achievement, the company aims to keep its stronghold in developed markets and make inroads in developing markets like India and China.

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The company is expected to launch its latest iPhone 7 in September, and there have been countless gossips overflowing from the rumour mills regarding the specifications.

Several media reports indicated that the handset will come without a headphone jack; it will probably be wireless or accompany a smart connector. The device might also come along with a dual-camera setup for crystal clear images, and an updated chipset.


While none of the aforementioned details have been confirmed, the company has to come up with disruptive functionalities to retain its position as a market leader.

Also, Samsung’s latest flagships S7 and S7 Edge are really good devices and Apple needs to pull something extraordinary out of hat to get the better of it’s rival’s latest offerings.

When Apple came out with its iPhone SE, customers seemed unconcerned as there was nothing new in the handset apart from its size mod.

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Even the 6S had minor updates including an updated chipset, and 3D Touch, but was still criticised by numerous technology experts for the low upgrade count.

Although the company has managed to muster decent profits amid recent quarterly losses, this is a very crucial time for the company and it should really look to up the ante with its upcoming offering.

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