Android Oreo runs on 0.2 per cent of devices in September

Android Marshmallow is still leading the charts with 32 per cent of active devices, Nougat still following at 17.8 per cent.

Google’s Android Oreo is the most refined version of Android available in the market. It comes with lots of features and under the hood refinements, particularly with its new picture-in-picture mode for most apps. However, in its first month, Oreo was found running only on 0.2 per cent of active Android smartphones.

The leader of the chart is still 2015’s Android Marshmallow taking a lead of 32 per cent, followed by 2014’s Lollipop running on 27.7 per cent of all Android devices. Last year’s Android Nougat has gained a growth of 2 per cent, sitting at 17.8 per cent.

It is surprising to see older versions of Android still being used on a substantial amount of devices. Android KitKat 4.4 accounts for 14.5 per cent of all smartphones whereas all versions of Android Jelly Bean comprised together are running on 6.6 per cent of Android devices around the world.

In the same time, Apple’s latest iOS 11 has reached a majority of supported devices, including the four-year-old iPhone 5S. However, Android Oreo has been only available to Google smartphones and tablets until now and we expect this number to rise by the end of this year when other manufacturers start seeding Android Oreo to their supported devices. It should be noted that devices running a stock version of Android Nougat will preferable get the oreo update before those running a custom version of Android.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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