Upcoming Samsung flagship will be otherworldly

The Samsung Galaxy S11 will come with features that will make it stand head over shoulders above its rivals.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launch is in a few short days and it appears that Samsung has a welcome headache on its hands. Reports about the Galaxy S11 are starting to gain steam and this takes some of the shine away from the Galaxy Note 10. The latest bit of information comes from reputed Samsung insider @IceUniverse who has just recently revealed the codename of the Galaxy S11 and some of its features. This could propel some of the Galaxy Note 10 fans to skip the device in favour of next year’s flagship.

To start off, @IceUniverse reveals that the codename of the Galaxy S11 is Picasso and this shares surprisingly a lot about the phone. Picasso is widely considered as a revolutionary artist and this shows that Samsung will be planning something that’s otherworldly. The tipster reveals that the Galaxy S11 will be a camera-centric device and Samsung will be adding next-gen camera tech here and that it will be a “substantial upgrade” over the Galaxy Note 10. The tipster goes on to state that the Galaxy S11 will be “a new beginning” for Samsung.

@IceUniverse goes on to say that Samsung will be redesigning the front-facing camera of the Galaxy S11 and it will be even smaller than the one that will be seen on the Galaxy Note 10. With Samsung already shrinking the camera of the Galaxy Note 10 down quite considerably and the S11 featuring an even smaller selfie camera, the 2020 handset could achieve a best-in-class screen-to-body ratio. With this, Samsung will push the boundaries of design once more.

Samsung Galaxy S11 concept

Samsung will be enhancing its software once more and @IceUniverse claims that the handset will launch with a second-generation One UI that’s based on Android Q. Apart from this, the handset will feature next-generation RAM that will not be able to run on the Galaxy Note 10.

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