Exciting 2020 iPhone leaks preview game-changing upgrades

If there was ever a reason to skip the iPhone 11, then this is it.

The Apple iPhone 11 will be packed with features and upgrades; however, for those who have already purchased a handset that’s later than the iPhone X, then you won’t find the 2019 iPhone that enticing. This brings us to the 2020 iPhone and even though there’s more than a year till it’s officially unveiled, it is still managing to cast a shadow over the iPhone 11.

The latest bit of information comes via Bloomberg and they claim that 5G isn’t the only attraction of the iPhone 12. In fact, Apple will add two new game-changing upgrades on the handset and they will capitalize on the tech that will be taken from the iPhone 11.

As per the report, people who are familiar with Apple’s plans claim that the company will add a cutting-edge 3D camera in the 2020 iPhone which will be able to scan and model the environment around it up to a distance of 15 feet. This camera is said to be laser-based that’s nothing like the 15-20 centimetre range of the dot-projector based 3D mapping system used with Face ID in current generation phones.

As per a report by Forbes, “Interestingly, we already know about the potential of such a system to revolutionise AR and VR experiences because Sony has developed it and teased the technology back in December. It also teased its partnership with Apple. Moreover, it was Apple who reportedly got cold feet pulling it from the iPhone 11 because it misses out on too many features to make its inclusion worthwhile. “

While this upgrade is huge, Bloomberg went on to say that it was just the start with “a third, more advanced camera, enhanced photo-capture tools and a more powerful chip” all coming on the upcoming iPhones. Moving on, the report also claims that USB Type-C is all but certain as Apple has been testing this feature on various versions of the iPhone 11. This may explain an eventual switch in the 2020 iPhone.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, reports are rife with the news that Apple will be adding class-leading 5G on the iPhone 12 and it will be unlike what’s currently available on present-day Android devices. The next year’s iPhone will also come with a fresh design and may reintroduce Touch ID in an all-new avatar.

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