Apple raises iPhone prices as higher customs duty announced in Union Budget kicks in

High-end iPhone 11 Pro,11 Pro Max as well as mid-range iPhone 8 series now cost more but iPhone XR and iPhone 7 prices remain unchanged

New Delhi: Apple on Monday raised the prices of its high-end iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max models as well as its medium-range iPhone 8 series.

The hike in prices follows an increase in basic customs duty (BCD) announced in the Union Budget last month, and the withdrawal of an earlier exemption from this duty under the Social Welfare Surcharge, which was around 2%.

The price hike only applies to iPhone models that are imported and will not affect those assembled in India such as the iPhone XR and iPhone 7.

Apple has also made an exception in the case of the iPhone 11 by not raising its price, as the company has decided against passing on the burden to the buyer.

The price of iPad, Apple Watch and Mac also remains unchanged.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max 64 GB, which started at Rs 1,09,900, will now be priced at Rs 1,11,200, while the 256 GB model will be at Rs 1,25,200 and the 512 GB version at Rs 1,43,200.

The iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB version, earlier priced at Rs 99,900, will now cost Rs 1,01,200, 256 GB at Rs 1,15,200 and iPhone 11 Pro 512 GB at Rs 1,33,200.

The hike is about Rs 1,300 on iPhone 11 Pro series.

The new price of the iPhone 8+ 64GB model is Rs 50,600, 128 GB Rs 55,600, up about Rs 700 from the earlier starting price of Rs 49,900. The iPhone 8 64 GB will cost Rs 40,500 and 128 GB Rs 45,500.

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