Be safe, here's an app to shred phone memory

Trio develops DFS Mobile Security' having 11 unique algorithms to shred data.

KOCHI: Three techies from Thrissur have developed a mobile security app for android phones that goes one step beyond deleting data files and shreds them thus making them irrecoverable. This app is useful when mobiles are given for repair or when they are sold to buy a new one, when there are chances of recovering deleted personal files and become unsafe in the wrong hands. The mobile app has additional features like anti-virus internet security, anti-phishing, malware protection, anti-theft system, ransomware protection, image recovery and firewall that vouchsafe online browsing.

The app called ‘DFS Mobile Security’ is developed by Rasik R.T., Ameer P. Hamsa and Mohsin Arakkal and they jointly head the startup Software and Robotic Inventions (SAR). “More than 80 per cent of the smartphones worldwide are running on the Android Operating System. Most smartphone users replace their phone in 1-2 years by selling them in the secondhand market after deleting files. But many data retrieval software can recover these files and data and these can land in the wrong hands. The DFS shredder comes with 11 unique algorithms to shred data ranging from the quickest and single to shredding multiple times. Once shredded, rest assured that data is gone forever,” said Rasik.

“When your smartphone is lost or stolen, send an SMS to get its GPS location. Forgot your phone somewhere? Just run the siren by sending SMS. Worried about a newly installed app? Turn on the spy monitor. Finally, are you anxious about some app seeking permission to access privacy? Get a detailed report from the firewall,” said Rasik about the other features of the app. He said that free upgrades in the form of application lock, remote shredding, ram booster, system cleaner, call and SMS blocker, password manager, secure chat, cloud storage, file lock and schedule Internet on/off are also available. Innocent MP launched the app at a function in Kochi on Thursday.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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