Hacker challenges Mumbai Police to catch him; gets caught in 3 months

The victim\'s data was stolen after the hacker bought her old Apple iPhone 4S from Chor Bazaar, which she had exchanged at a popular mall.

A 24 year-old resident of Ulhasnagar was arrested for allegedly hacking into a Facebook account of a 38 year-old doctor. The Man, named David Nadar worked as an Ambulance driver for a private hospital.

The victim had informed the police in February that her Facebook account had been hacked after a call from her relative asking why she had been sending vulgar messages and obscene images on March 10. The victim realised that both her Facebook and email accounts had been hacked.

The hacker even warned her to not try and regain access to her accounts after she tried to do so.

When the victim approached the police, the hacker, who perhaps wasn’t aware of the concept of IP addresses, challenged the cops to find him.

The Bhandup Police eventually tracked down his IP address and extracted his mobile number through it. They got hold of the man within three months of the complaint. Nadar revealed that he had bought a phone from Chor Bazaar, when he found Facebook login information that had not been deleted from the device, along with a birth date, which happened to be the password.

Interestingly, the victim had exchanged the same device, an iPhone 4S, while buying another phone at a well-known store in a mall. She had formatted the phone, and had even asked the shopkeepers to reset the device.

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