5 gaming platforms that help you make money

A number of digital gaming platform enable you to mint money while killing boredom over them.

So, you’ve started playing online games on your smartphone and are simply loving it! Who doesn’t like on-the-go entertainment, after all? But do you know that you can also earn money while doing the same? Yes, a number of digital gaming platform enable you to mint money while killing boredom over them. Here are some of them!

Gamezop: If you love games like cricket, basketball, and even snake, Gamezop is the platform that you got to be on! The best part about the platform is that you can start playing in it in three quick and easy steps. Log on to in your mobile browser, enter your mobile number, enter OTP, and you are good to go. And this is without any app installation on the device! So, wham sixes in ‘Cricket Gunda’, score baskets in ‘Basket Champs’, play ‘Flexi Snake’, or, rather, pick any of those 250 games over it.

Dream11: This one is especially for those peeps who love live sports like Cricket, Kabaddi, and Football. Gone are the days when you simply used to sit behind TV screen (or even your smartphone) and discuss player strategy. Now is the time for you to actively participate in the process. On Dream11, you can chip in upcoming live sports matches by picking a team of your own. So, the sports trivia that you actively check online and over TV will no longer go in vain. You will get to win money using it.

WinZO Games: WinZO is a digital gaming platform that offers over 30 games like Bubble Shooter, Space Warrior, Carrom, and more to ardent players. The icing on the cake is that all of these games are available in 10 vernacular languages including Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, and so on.

BaaziNow: From the house of Times Internet Limited, BaaziNow is a platform where you can put your general knowledge to good use and win money. The platform features interesting games like trivia quiz game show, opinion-based quiz, and live bingo games and extends prize money in the form of instant cash rewards.

Adda52: Love poker? Don’t waste your skills by playing it for free. Rather, log onto Adda52 and join lakhs of other players who are on the platform and are winning money over it daily. The platform has a number of variants of poker games where you can test your luck, skills, and wisdom – and earn money in the process. You wouldn’t be needing to download any app either and can also sign up for free.

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