Intel and Amazon launch DeepLens, a deep learning-enabled wireless video camera

This collaboration aims to provide developers with tools to create AI and machine learning products.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced DeepLens, its first fully programmable, deep learning wireless video camera powered by Intel. AWS and Intel collaborated on the DeepLens camera to provide developers of all skill levels with the optimal tools needed to design and create artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning products.

AI and machine learning are poised to power the next generation of smart industries, including smart homes, smart retail, smart industrial and many others, making lives easier through intelligent interactions with devices. This collaboration aims to provide developers with tools to create AI and machine learning products, and follows the recent introduction of the Intel’s Speech Enabling Developer Kit, which provides a complete audio front-end solution for far-field voice control and makes it easier for third-party developers to accelerate the design of consumer products integrating Amazon Alexa Voice Service.

DeepLens combines processing power with an easy-to-learn user interface to support the training and deployment of models in the cloud. It’s powered by an Intel Atom X5 processor with embedded graphics that support object detection and recognition. DeepLens uses Intel-optimized deep learning software tools and libraries (including the Intel Compute Library for Deep Neural Networks, Intel clDNN) to run real-time computer vision models directly on the device for reduced cost and real-time responsiveness.

Developers can start designing and creating AI and machine learning products in a matter of minutes using the preconfigured frameworks already on the device.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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