Discover the innovative smart home trends for 2017 this Diwali!

Almost every app, gadget, device to service providers is focused on making human life easier.

We are living in the time where technology is preordained and gadgets are shaping our movements. Innovative lifestyle solutions have now reached our homes and disrupting our actions. Almost every app, gadget, device to service providers is focused on making human life easier. Smart Living is no more expensive an affair and adding technology to our homes is mounting individual’s desire for a convenient and comfy life. From smart kitchens to bathrooms, here are few top smart home trends 2017

Amazon’ inc Alexa-powered digital-home hub, a smaller and cheaper Echo speaker and a new mini Echo with a screen, called Spot: Inc. debuted a new high-end version of its Echo speaker with a smart-home hub system built in, for digital control of people’s homes. It also has a built-in hub that lets users more easily connect and control other accessories including lights, thermostats, and locks.

Infinity water heaters from Vordosch: Most people presently use fairly good shower systems, but the usage experience is inconsistent due to lack of constant hot water or consequent loss in the desired water temperature. Vordosch promises instant and constant flow of hot water supply at just a turn of the tap. There is absolutely no need to turn on any switch. This completely eliminates the stress of whether you have turned off the switch or not. The ecological conscious engineering behind Vordosch products saves not only water, but also energy. Hot water with a non-stop supply is a universal, luxurious need and that is where Vordosch is a master.

Nuovo Touchscreen Smart Mirror from Help me build that is so smart that you can get updates from your social media feeds, play your favorite music or catch up the latest YouTube video, or even get a quick check on Google Maps on the time taken to reach your destination

Betty – developed by Beyond Evolution , a smart plug that helps you control and monitor all your home appliances using your Smartphone; anywhere, anytime. It’s the most economical and user friendly device launched yet. Betty communicates with the mobile app on your Smartphone using GSM connectivity. It has a large 16 Amp plug that can accommodate all kinds of devices such as air conditioners, water heaters, water pumps, and it can also accommodate the use of six Amp devices such as TVs, lamps etc

MAID Oven by Sector Qube: MAID is a unique smart kitchen product designed by a Kochi-based startup. The device is connected to an exclusive recipe store over the internet, which culminates an array of exotic dishes to choose from. A user has the advantage of searching recipes depending on ingredients and type of dish. If you’re still confused or lazy to go through the selection hassle, just let MAID suggest you a dish. The device can also turn out to be your personal dietician, proactively learning the calorific requirements based on your daily cooking habits, and simultaneously suggesting the most balanced diet for you.

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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