Startups equipping Small and Medium Enterprises with new-age tools!

Digital marketing is surely the future especially the ones in tier II and tier III markets make the most out of it.

The Indian markets are flooded with unprecedented smartphone adoption as these smart little devices empower every person with round-the-clock internet connectivity after all. These devices also driving the markets closer to digital services and as a result the digital payments in India are expected to increase to USD132.2 billion by 2023, or more than double its market value of USD63.8 in 2019.

Digital marketing is surely the future especially the ones in tier II and tier III markets make the most out of it. The job is being made easy through an array of tech-driven tools and applications. Let's have a look at some of the ultramodern approaches that are changing this market for good.

ShipRocket, making logistics more seamless

One of the primary challenges experienced by nearly all tier II and tier III sellers is that the digital market requires robust logistics operations. However, such sellers neither have a strong channel network as their larger counterparts do nor are they able to match the cost-effectiveness due to lower volumes. This challenge is being solved by logistics aggregators such as ShipRocket, which enables its customers to ship domestically and internationally at rates starting from Rs 27/500 grams and Rs. 100/50 grams respectively. The platform has active partnerships with top 17 courier companies, thereby equipping its customers with access to over 26,000 PIN codes in India and over 220 countries.

OKCredit, making udhaar bahi-khaata digital

As we know, credit and business go hand in hand. This is why Indian retailers can be seen updating their 'udhaar bahi-khaata' or the credit book every day. And modernizing these credit books into a new-age, the digital avatar is OKCredit. The bookkeeping application makes it easier for retailers to manage their credit by making this process digital. As an added benefit, the approach ensures that they are not on the receiving end of 'wear and tear' of their credit book - which can result in a significant financial loss.

Shopmatic, making digital transition automatic

It ultimately benefits local businesses to grab profits by merely having a digital presence. Here a platform like Shopmatic can help them with their digital transition. It provides an integrated e-commerce solution to its customers with cool graphics, interactive chat tools, social-media-based selling, and secured checkouts. There is a reason why more than 260,000 successful businesses trust the platform!

HAPPY, making credit more accessible

The AI-driven lender, HAPPY, uses data analytics alongside Artificial Intelligence to assess a microenterprise using its remittance data. The platform grants loans to its customers via channel partners in less than a minute. Its acquired expertise has further enabled the platform to enjoy negligible NPAs, despite operating in the high-risk 'micro' segment of the market.

CoutLoot, making anyone sell in just 30 seconds

CoutLoot is a platform that enables anyone to sell online in just 30 seconds. The Social Offline-to-Online (O2O) commerce platform allows seamless interactions between buyers and sellers through its social-media-based model. It helps aspiring digital sellers from the tier II and tier III market (or any other market in that context) to automatically catalogue their products while also providing logistics, payment, and reconciliation support. Sellers can also share their end-to-end offerings over social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. with their prospective customers. CoutLoot, an acronym for 'Couture and Loot', surely does justice to its name.

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