Top Features on WhatsApp You Should Know About

Hyderabad: WhatsApp is used by people across the country to stay in touch with their friends and family no matter where they are. Available in 11 languages, WhatsApp is a simple and private way to share your favourite moments through pictures and videos, with your loved ones. You can also use it to tell someone something important or just chat with a friend. You can even make video calls to see each other or send voice messages if you don't want to type. All messages and calls are secured with end-to-end encryption, this means that only you and the person you're talking to can see them, and no one else, not even WhatsApp.

Here are the top features that will make your day-to-day conversations on WhatsApp even more interesting -

Video message for real-time updates: Eager to flaunt your amazing vacation spot or that stylish dress you just bought? Use WhatsApp’s new video message feature that allows you to instantly record and share up to 60-second video messages directly in the chat. Simply click the microphone icon next to the text field to switch to the video icon. Press and hold, or click, the video icon to begin recording your message.

Share your screen: This new and exciting feature allows users to share a live view of their screen during a video call. Now you can share documents, photos, and even the shopping cart with people on 1:1 or a group video call. To share the screen, tap on the video controls to access screen sharing. Your phone will show a prompt indicating that you're about to begin recording or casting with WhatsApp. Tap Start Now to begin screen sharing. To stop sharing your screen, tap Stop Sharing.

Edit those typos before anyone sees them: Typos happen, but you can fix them! You can now edit messages within 15 minutes of sending the message. Just press hold on a message you want to edit, then select "Edit". Once edited, the message will l update for everyone in the chat. Edited messages will have the word “edited” next to the timestamp.

Star the important messages and documents: If you keep revisiting important messages or documents, make them shine by starring them. Hover over the message you want to star, and then click on the star icon on the menu bar. You can then view all of your starred messages in a separate section called Starred Messages in the main menu

Pinning a chat: Want to keep some of your chats always on top? The pin chat feature allows you to pin up to three specific chats to the top of your chats list so you can quickly find them. Simply tap and hold the chat you want to pin, then tap Pin chat

Message yourself: No need to bug your friends or family anymore by sharing grocery lists or To-Dos, you can simply message yourself. Messages to yourself work and look like regular chats, but you can’t make audio calls, or video calls, mute notifications, block or report yourself, or see your last seen and online.

Delete your message: Did you send the wrong message by mistake? It's okay! You have about 2 days after you’ve sent a message to request DELETE FOR EVERYONE. Just long-press the message and select "Delete for everyone."

Voice Notes: Sometimes, writing words in messages isn't enough. Maybe we're too busy to type, can't show our feelings in writing, or just don't feel like typing. That's when Voice Notes are really useful. To send a Voice Note, open the chat to which you'd like to send a voice message. Press and hold the microphone icon next to the text field, then start speaking.

Edit group description: If you're the group admin, you can change the group description. This helps tell everyone what the group is for, or you can put in some interesting facts and even share important files so that all the members can easily find them.

Express through Avatars and emoji feature: WhatsApp has a variety of avatars and emojis that you can use to express yourself. This is a great way to add some personality to your messages.

These are just a few of the various WhatsApp messaging features waiting for you to discover. So, the next time you're hanging out on WhatsApp, don't hesitate to try them out and see which ones fit your style perfectly.

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