Uber announces 24x7 safety helpline

Riders will now be able to speak directly to Uber’s safety team during their trip.

Keeping safety at heart, Uber has announced the launch of a 24x7 safety helpline in India today. This is in addition to the in-app SOS button already available in the safety toolkit which allows riders to connect to law enforcement authorities in case of an emergency.

The new safety line will provide riders with the option to get in touch with Uber’s safety team should they have an urgent, non-emergency issue, during a trip such as reporting co-passengers misbehaviour, a dispute with a driver or a break-down, while on a trip. At the tap of a button, riders can immediately connect with Uber’s response team in English and Hindi where trained representatives of the Safety Incident Response Team will be available 24x7. When a rider calls this helpline, Uber aims to resolve all issues seamlessly and quickly.

The 24x7 safety helpline support is not a replacement for 100 but it is a helpful way for riders and drivers to get urgent support.

How this works: The safety helpline number is available under the safety toolkit banner hosted within the Uber app. To reach the safety tool kit, riders can tap the shield icon.

Step 1: Rider taps the shield icon to report a non-emergency safety incident, during a trip

Step 2: Rider taps the safety helpline icon, hosted within the safety tool kit

Step 3: Rider swipes to speak to an Uber representative

The safety helpline is the latest in a series of initiatives Uber has launched recently such as a safety toolkit for riders and drivers; call anonymisation to protect the privacy of riders; comprehensive background checks of drivers and updated community guidelines, which outline the behavior expected of riders and drivers on the app to foster mutual respect. To ensure seamless post-trip assistance, Uber has a 24/7 safety response team for riders and drivers along with a dedicated law enforcement response team for assisting police with any information they might need.

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