Citrix drives future of application development and delivery

The company announced that Citrix® ADC has achieved Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification.

Digital transformation doesn’t just happen. It’s fueled by the rapid and efficient delivery of new applications that improve the way we think and operate. Recognizing this, Citrix Systems, Inc. is expanding its open source integrations, enabling companies to leverage modern, innovative cloud environments from a variety of leading providers to accelerate their move to the cloud and the results they can achieve. The company announced that Citrix® ADC has achieved Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification, which will allow it to provide IT organizations with another faster, flexible and consistent way to develop, test and deliver applications in Kubernetes environments at scale. Citrix ADCs are compatible across Red Hat platforms, including Red Hat OpenShift, and the complete stack is commercially supported by Red Hat and partners.

A Modern Approach

Citrix® ADC is a software-centric application delivery and load balancing solution designed to provide a high-quality digital enterprise experience for web, traditional, and cloud-native applications regardless of where they are hosted. The solution can be deployed on-premises and across all cloud types and cloud-native platforms, including: Amazon Web Services (EKS), Google Cloud Platform (GKE), Microsoft Azure (AKS). Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification builds on Citrix’s Red Hat Container Certification and reiterates Citrix’s commitment to supporting Red Hat’s emerging technologies.

Among the benefits of deploying Citrix cloud native stack for Kubernetes environments:

Flexibility: IT can choose from a comprehensive range of Citrix ADC form factors to deliver applications, including high-performance containerized platforms (CPX), virtual machine-based solutions (VPX), bare-metal Linux process (BLX) or existing MPX and/or SDX appliances.

Consistency: With the same code base for all Citrix ADC options, IT can achieve operational consistency across all application workload types.

Easy Migration: Monolithic applications can quickly and easily be migrated to microservices-based applications with multi-protocol support, including TCP, TCP-SSL, UDP, HTTP/S.

Greater Visibility and Insight: From a single management plane of Citrix ADM (Application delivery management), IT can gain the end-to-end visibility and insights needed to deliver microservices based applications at scale, receive immediate feedback, and troubleshoot user experience issues.

In addition to Red Hat OpenShift, Citrix ADC integrates with an expansive set of open source and CNCF ecosystem tools, including Prometheus, Grafana, Spinnaker, FluentD, Kibana, Open Tracing, and Zipkin.

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