Call management finds its utility across industries

Effective communication for businesses, be it small or large scale, is necessary.

Upgraded customer communication is the key strategy for any business to grow in this rapid contemporary era. The success of any business strategy depends on its effective and timely communication with customers. Growth of a business is a sheer reflection of a strong and trustworthy relationship between the business and its clients.

Effective communication for businesses, be it small or large scale, is necessary. Therefore, businesses should primarily focus on streamlining their communication system to stay in touch with their consumers. Irrespective of the industrial sector your business belongs to, frequent and smooth interaction with clients is a crucial aspect.

Understanding the gravity of the term ‘effective communication’ is very helpful in further establishing a satisfactory communication system. A call management system assists businesses to handle multiple calls simultaneously, record or monitor communication between a client and a customer, analyze calls and recordings to generate leads, and also to assure quality services on time.

Call management is an advanced system that sophisticatedly manages and enhances the on-call experience of a business for both employees and customers. An effective communication system works as a catalyst in promoting a business's bottom-line.

What makes call management system implicitly useful, is its utilization in each and every sector present today. From infrastructure, healthcare, retail, e-commerce industries to social and economic welfare sectors, a well-designed call management system is a necessity of today. It provides a one-stop solution for everyday communication needs for a business to run properly.

Call management system works with features like call distribution system, call recording, call reporting dashboard and other monitoring tools to increase the agents’ productivity. Besides, it ensures optimized customer experience, reduced operational cost and customer churning. The system allows managers to supervise the key performance of the team defining their performance parameters with a 360-degree overview through a Web dashboard.

The agents too also have access to basic metric details and root cause to evaluate and improve their performance to accomplish business objectives.

IVR based call management system minimizes human involvement in handling customer calls enhances customer satisfaction. From welcome greetings to automatically routing the call to the destined agent, the IVR system upsurges the first-call resolution rate and ensure no missed calls. First-call resolution significantly reduces calls from repeated callers that count almost 40 per cent of total incoming calls.

Missing important customer calls could prove to be disadvantageous for business revenue. Setting up of call management system excludes these possibilities instantly. There would certainly be no missed calls once a business utilizes the facility of a call management system. The automation of call management system provides features like IVR where there would be less human involvement and work is automated.

Call management software is interconnected with multiple cross-channel analytics tools to monitor customer communication taking place on different media like web, email, phone, social media, customer survey, chatbot, etc.

Businesses can evaluate the data to identify weak lines to work specifically on them to simplify and improve operations, employee productivity and customer experience. Moreover, businesses can find effective insights to seek a holistic approach in offering their products and services with adherence to corporate norms and policy.

Advanced call management systems effectively address all these issues and provide concrete customized solutions to all the market segments. Businesses can find data-driven answers to all these questions by reviewing and monitoring calls held between agents and clients. By listening to these recorded calls, one can identify the core area adding to customer inconvenience or dissatisfaction and can offer personalized resolutions. It seamlessly drives customer satisfaction and loyalty, and consumer acquisition.

Remarketing is another effective benefit which a call management system fulfils. It is a way to reach potential customers who visit your business place either online or offline but for any reason does not end up as a purchaser. Confining to existing customers can never be enough for businesses, they always intend to reach more potential customers.

In any industry, the call management system can be used to inform such customers about exciting offers and new features of the products to increase the conversion rate. Businesses can remarket their products and services to the lost customers via follow up calls, Facebook, Instagram, online advertisement, SMS and more.

There is a plethora of opportunities call management system can provide across the industries. It flawlessly manages all your business calls with the least risk of errors. Besides, it impactfully assists businesses to deep dive into the analytic information on communication to eliminate the prevailing inefficiency which as a result can boost business growth and profitability.

- Mr Ankit Jain, Founder, MyOperator

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