5 Must-have apps if you are traveling this festive season

These apps could help make your travel hassle-free for a memorable experience.

The festive season is around the corner and so is World Tourism Day which falls on the 27th of September each year. Tourism has extraordinary potential to contribute to a country’s economic growth and nowhere more so than India. With the advent of technology and the growth spurt that digitization has achieved, there has been a rise in the apps that aid and facilitate your travel. If you are travelling this season or planning your travel in the next couple of months, these five apps are a must-have to make your travel hassle-free.


Hassle-free conversations

Language is generally a barrier when we plan our travel to any place where we do not share a common language with the locals. This is generally where English comes into play. Being the most spoken language across the globe, being able to communicate in English would make your travel easier. Enguru, an app that offers spoken English training in 27 languages which means you can now learn English using your native language.

Money View

Not letting finance hamper your vacation

The number of millennials obtaining personal loans for travel purposes is at an all-time high. Statistics show a 55 per cent growth in the number of people seeking personal loans for travel out of which 85 per cent are millennials. This has given way to online platforms making it easy for one to get instant loans sanctioned. Money View is one such easy to use instant loan platform offering travel loans so that you never have to stress about your budget hampering your vacation plans.


Keeping your itinerary on your fingertips

Travel always involves a number of elements from booking your flights to sorting out the accommodation. Keeping all this data handy will make your vacation more organized and easy. Cleartrip is a one-stop solution for anyone looking to book their transport and accommodations in one go, making it simple for you.

XE Currency

No more doing the math for currency conversions

Travelling out of the country raises a very important question of what is the currency rate at the destination. Most of us try and do the math in our heads to convert the currency of the country to the rupee. XE Currency is an app that puts an end to your conversion woes. The app offers updated conversion rates for all countries ensuring a simple solution for the conversions of various currencies.


Making your memories Instagram worthy

For those who love small touch-ups and edits on their photos before you Instagram it, Snapseed is a must-have app. With various editing features and options to edit it to your shots to your liking, this app is one of the best to have on your phone if you are a photography or a social media person.

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