Crowdera and AWS co-hosts HubSpot’s “Startup Growth Workshop”

The registration is open to all startups in India and 100 per cent free.

Crowdera, free fundraising and crowdfunding platform for individuals & organizations and Amazon Web Services have come together to host HubSpot’s “Startup Growth Workshop”. HubSpot is a global leader in developing and marketing of software products for inbound marketing and sales. The first workshop in the series happened in Delhi on 24th June and the next are scheduled to happen in Bengaluru on 25th and 26th June, and Hyderabad on 27th June and Mumbai on 28th June. This workshop is organized specially for the startups to learn and get the mentorship for their growth strategies.

Bringing this series of startup growth workshops to cities across India is another way the HubSpot for Startups program is helping Indian startups to grow better. The event series will give Indian startups the knowledge they need to overcome the struggles that come with scaling a business and offer the opportunity to learn from industry experts.

The current workshop events are aligned with Crowdera Startup Accelerator, Thrive5's series of workshops and master classes that help the Thrive5 portfolio companies to accelerate their growth and fundraising. As a part of this partnership with Crowdera Thrive5 portfolio startups will not only receive over USD 11500 in benefits from HubSpot but will also have access to exclusive master classes and workshops in sales, marketing and customer service.

To participate in the workshop, the interested participants could visit the HubSpot’s official website and could easily register them for further proceedings. The registration is open to all startups in India and 100 per cent free.

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