Newly launched Truvison AC claims unique ‘Power saving feature,’ ‘Beauty Sleep Mode’

The Truvison AC promises to bring in comfort and claims that its equipped with Beauty Sleep Mode.

Truvison launched their latest series of Dynam Inverter ACs that brings in a unique power saving feature and that promises to reduce utility bills and conserve energy.

The AC features Four-way airflow, supported by the Tru Aer Technology, which allows uniform cooling, without the mandatory need of manual adjustment from the user. Durable and sturdy with anti-corrosive Gold Fin Technology the AC can withstand salty air, rain dust and other corrosive elements. The AC also eliminates any temperature fluctuations and helps to maintain an ambient atmosphere in the room. The active dehumidifier controls the humidity indoors especially during monsoon.

truvison ac

Moreover, the self-diagnosis feature in this AC detects error and displays it, which helps in its easy servicing. The ACs are also equipped with advanced features like Antibacterial Filter to tackle indoor pollution and Beauty sleep mode that shall offer rejuvenating atmosphere throughout the night.

The ACs will be available in 2 Models, TXSE142N and TXSF202N. The two variants are eco-friendly, aesthetically designed and offers plethora of new features.

The TXSE142N comes at a price of Rs 33,990 and TXSF202N is for Rs 39,990.

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