How Artificial Intelligence (AI) can intelligently transform education in India

AI is a backend algorithm that enables machines to copy and exhibit human traits and actions.

Whenever we think of AI, the first image that usually comes to mind is of humanoids smarter than the humans or of voice interfaces such as JARVIS (in case of fans of superhero films). However, the reality is not as fancy; at least we are unlikely to see humanoids replace teachers in classrooms in the foreseeable future. Scientifically speaking, AI is a backend algorithm that enables machines to copy and exhibit human traits and actions.

Ritesh Rawal, Founder at Ritesh Rawal Foundation says that the education sector is being rapidly transformed by the AI evolution. Transformation in this sector can effectively revolutionize the entire country by facilitating development of better human resources and enhanced productivity. This becomes even more crucial for developing countries like India where education sector faces a resource crunch and better utilization of the resources will be a great boost to social and economic development.

The vitality of a modernized education system in India is further bolstered by the massive youth population. According to estimates, more than half of the Indian population is under 25 years of age. With the proliferation of digital technology, it is logical that these digital tools like AI are used to improve the education and learning processes.

AI and Smart Learning Systems

There is a lot that AI can do to transform the Indian education sector.

Enhanced support for the learners

At times, teachers can find it difficult to zero in on the ideal teaching techniques that will grab the attention of their students better. Machine learning or AI can enhance the success ratio of such decisions. There are some basic AI-based tutoring programmes already in prevalence and they can impart knowledge related to basic mathematics, writing skills, environmental studies etc. Refinement of AI can provide additional support to learners on these and many more subjects in the days to come.

AI’s power can be leveraged during assessments

We shifted from ballot paper to electronic voting which has made the election process smoother, faster and more accurate. Similarly, AI-based assessment systems can impartially assess students/learners by factoring in various elements such as the complexity of curriculum.

Reduction of time spent on grading

Using AI tools can cut down the wastage of time and effort on grading because it can provide real-time assessment of the students on the parameters of expertise and proficiency. This would also enhance student motivation and timely evaluation can help students improve their performance before it is too late.

Personalized education

AI can assist educators and learners in crafting courses synchronized with their needs. It can also give feedback to the overall positive impact of the course. Many schools have integrated AI systems to keep a track of student progress and to caution the teachers whenever student performance goes down.

AI can rapidly evaluate courses and highlight areas of improvement

AI can provide spot-on feedback after evaluating course content on numerous parameters and can also suggest helpful free learning resources to the students.

Restructuring the classroom

Imparting individualized learning in the classroom necessitates some well-defined parameters. That would make education safer, more productive and result-oriented. To perfectly harmonize the traditional linear form of learning with the intricate, non-linear personalized learning is a process that requires the constantly improving AI practices.

In conclusion

Integration of AI with unorthodox learning techniques has rapidly transformed the educational apparatus globally. Being a fastest growing economy and home to world’s largest population of youth, it is imperative for India to adopt the trend of AI in education sector. The journey to reform Indian education system is long and full of hurdles, but, it is the combination of latest AI and smart learning tools with sheer will of the decision makers, that will make Indian education domain match global levels.

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