Russia checks its internet can work if cut off from worldwide web

Russia\'s tests of its internet came in response to \'US\'s aggressive cyber security stance\' to make their internet access more independent.

Russia completed a series of tests on Monday checking that its internet services could function if the country were to get cut off from the worldwide web, Deputy Communications Minister Aleksei Sokolov said.

The review, conducted over the course of several days on specially designated networks, follows a “sovereign internet” bill introduced in November in response to what Russia calls the “aggressive nature” of US national cyber security strategy.

According to the law, state-run institutions and security services, as well as all communications operators, messengers and email providers, must participate in the tests, which do not affect regular internet users.

“Our goal was to provide an uninterrupted internet service on Russian territory under any circumstances,” Sokolov told a press briefing.

“The outcomes of the review showed that government agencies and communications operators are ready to respond effectively to threats and to ensure the internet and communications operate effectively,” Sokolov said.

The Communications Ministry will produce a report on the outcomes of the test to be reviewed by President Vladimir Putin, he added.

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