Worst passwords of 2017 Is yours on the list?

Reports sugest that hackers are using common terms from pop culture or sports to break into online accounts.

Passwords are a man’s best-kept secret but it seems that users don’t feel like giving mind-boggling passwords for their online accounts. SplashData, a leading provider of security applications has released its Annual ranking list of worst passwords of 2017, using data mainly pulled from 5 million leaked passwords, most of them from North America and Western European that were leaked in 2017 by hackers.

The data revealed that despite major data leaks, users continue to apply weal passwords that can be easily guessed. The company has revealed two common choices of users that are “Password” and “123456.” SplashData blog has listed 20 weak passwords and top 10 worst passwords which also includes "12345678," "qwerty", "12345," "123456789," "letmein," "1234567," "football" and "iloveyou," "Monkey," "123123" and "starwars" also made the list this year.

According to reports, hackers are using common terms from pop culture or sports to break into online accounts because they have figured out that many people are using the easy-numbered or single word passwords. Users are strictly recommended to set strong passwords for their accounts, consisting of a mixture of words, characters and numbers to protect from data breach and also the same password must not be used for more than one account.

Macrumors says “SplashData publishes its annual list to encourage people to use stronger passwords. This year, the company's data came primarily from North America and Western Europe, culled from data leaks. Yahoo data and data from adult websites were not included.”

( Source : Deccan Chronicle. )
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